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Live the Christ-full Life

I, Carolyn Marlowe, CCLC (Certified Christian Life Coach) welcome you to Alive by His Word. Your place is reserved at this table. Please pull up a chair to dine with us as we seek Jesus for tasting, growing, and living Christ-full lives. I serve a Basket of Nourishment for you to renew with Spiritually Alive Coaching and refresh with Word Feasts: Simply Delicious Bible Studies. The Lasting Sustenance Blog strengthens you with delightful spiritual food.

My prayer for you is that you hear the Lord speak uniquely and profoundly through Savoring His Word, experience healing (spirit-soul-body) at the Lord’s Table, and learn to Express Joy: Whoever, Whenever, Whatever, Wherever. May Jesus be glorified in your life today.

Join the FREE ALIVE Roundtable on the second Monday of each month. Check FB: Alive by His Word for the live, online gathering time, phone number and/or access code.

An ALIVE Roundtable is about sharing, encouraging, and learning from other Ladies how to taste, grow, and live the Christ-full life:

A-Ask and invite the Lord to be the central focus at the table. Live Accountable to other ladies.

L-Led by His Spirit, we create a safe place to refresh and return to go about the Father’s business.

I-Interactive group: everyone is important and may share. We may learn from others’ experiences, wisdom, insight, and spiritual gifts.

V-Vital content for spiritual growth is Biblically based content to aid in living the Christian Life.

E-Encouragement strengthens Ladies around the table as we esteem Christ and pray for one another.

Alive by His Word and Spiritually Alive Coaching are about “Living the Christ-full life.”